About Lamont Stephens

Finally….The perfect day has arrived!

My wife and I dreamed of being able to travel and live anywhere we want in the world, exploring different parts of God’s Creation with people we enjoy. That was our trip to Hawaii with family and friends exploring the beaches together. Later we would meet up with the other for dinner dressed in all white being entertained by the locals.

The best part….I get to have more days like this with my wife now.

This type of lifestyle doesn’t happen by osmosis or overnight. It’s take me 13 years to intentionally build a freedom-based business not only for myself for my wife too.

My Goal

I wanted the freedom to attend my kids school events and not have to beg for time off. Roughly seven years ago, I figured out a way to experience location freedom…meaning I could potentially work from any location in the world.

Yeah…I was tired of driving 2 hours a day to work and back for 15 years, never acquiring enough seniority to get time off and spend with family out of town for the holidays. Something had to change!

All I knew:

• I wasn’t going to miss another school event and opportunity to see my kids get awards and perform in school band.
• I didn’t want to work weird hours in the night being called out to work!
• I didn’t want a complex business model that stressed me out either.

I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to do it. I needed some guidance on how to build the life I really wanted that afforded me all the freedom-based lifestyle.

My Big Epiphany

I would love to tell you the details but the story could get a little long, but I realize as I bought course after course, went to conference after conference that I didn’t have a “real strategy in place. I seem to have pieces of the puzzle but didn’t know how they all fit together.

Fast Growth

After purchasing a program and getting mentored by a coach, I joined the community and became a Certified Partner and all my work started to really payoff. I understood the context of what I was doing and more importantly how to help my clients achieve those same type of results. This is what led me to create the Business Success System. Now I was able to work the freedom based lifestyle with low complexity.

There you have it!

It was all about create the right business model that affords you the freedom-based lifestyle.

Our system is designed to give you the freedom to make enough money to support the life you always wanted.

Our system is designed to work when you want, on your schedule, with no boss!

Our system allows you to travel and work where you want to work.