When I first started my business fresh out of school, I was flying by the seat of my pants, no knowing much about business and marketing. My pricing was not in alignment with my cost and expenses. After signing up on the consulting program, my revenue jumped 33% the next month. I’m extremely grateful for having Lamont introduce me to such much valuable information. he’s been a huge part of my personal growth and success.
Alex H. (Master Barber & Instructor)

Prior to consulting with Lamont, I struggled with inconsistent marketing and sales. I didn’t charge what I was worth and didn’t have the confidence of running my own business. Through the consulting and encouragement of Lamont , I was able to leave my 9-5 and start my own Salon where I continue to provide quality products and service to our clients.
Sandra F. (Master Esthetician & Instructor)

Working with Lamont always gives me another dose of optimism, awareness, and excitement for anything I want to pursue in my business career. He has a wide range of cutting edge, success-winning strategies for business.
Lezlee M. (Keyboardist, Singer, Songwriting)

I have had an outstanding experience working with Lamont on structuring my business for greater results. His key strategies and attention to detail are instrumental in marketing and scaling my business.
Marcus S. (Web & Graphic Design)